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Leonard Davidman Bio

Beverly and Dr. Leonard Davidman

Beverly Davidman, a much-sought-after math teaching consultant in the New York City Public School system, was for 34 years a highly-acclaimed high school math teacher. Always deeply concerned about teaching and reaching all of her students, Beverly composed and created a unique collection of rap songs and developed the beloved persona of “Queen Math Tea-cha” to help her struggling geometry students learn the complex theorems. Her effectiveness in the classroom and total dedication to her students led to her wide recognition among math educators, her being selected in 1994 by the Walt Disney Organization as the number one math teacher in America and a distinguished appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show. It was almost destiny that a recognized leader in mathematics would be inspired and transformed by a renowned leader in the Jewish community, Rabbi Ephraim Buchwald.

Her husband, psychologist Dr. Leonard Davidman, is a man who fills many important leadership roles: Chief Psychologist for 40 Years at Metropolitan Hospital Center, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the New York Medical College, President of the New York City Psychologists Union and former President of the New York State Psychological Association.

For the past two decades, Lenny has personally assisted Rabbi Buchwald in whatever way he can.

He leads Rabbi Buchwald’s famed Beginners Service during the summers and during Rabbi Buchwald’s absence. Although not an ordained rabbi, Lenny, a former yeshiva bochur (student), also leads a free, public Yom Kippur Yizkor service for hundreds of people. He also conducts a Rosh Hashana service and blows shofar for patients and staff of Mount Sinai West (formerly Roosevelt Hospital) and chairs his union’s Jewish Heritage Committee, which creates annual Jewish-themed events for hundreds of New York City municipal workers.

Thirty-five years ago, Beverly and Lenny were married at Lincoln Square Synagogue. The wedding was a unique union and expression of cultures and diversity. Today, many people still have vivid memories of that wedding because it exemplified the best in all of us: making the world and relationships work no matter what the background of the people. Their belief system was a perfect fit with the ideology of NJOP and Lincoln Square Synagogue.